Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Guide

Memory Foam is a new kind of bed linen product. It replies to the body weight and form, i-e conform the body as well as reduces pressure points offering a relaxed sleep.

Beginning of Memory Foam:

It was in very early 1970’s, when NASA’s Ames Study moneyed an advancement job developed to produce a compound that might aid alleviate the astronauts of the amazing gravity pressures experiences during lift-off. They believed that one of the vital variables to decreasing g-forces on the body was to utilize a foam product that might comply with everyone’s shape as well as hold this consistency. For that reason, they produced a new foam material that was visco-elastic as well as for that reason able to comply with an individual’s shape however then return to typical shape once pressure was removed from the foam. This can allow distribution of pressure or body weight over the entire surface of the foam yet rapidly adjust to any kind of movement of the body.

Various chemicals are included in tiny polyurethane foam material which includes a boost in weight and density to the foam. By addition of chemicals,, a non-toxic visco-elastic foam product is developed used as memory foam.


Memory foam mattress topper is graded by its visco-elastic nature as well as its longevity by damaging it right into the complying with grading system:

Weight (thickness in pound per square feet) ILD (Indentation Lots Deflection) score Strength Tensile


The memory foam mattress topper cells deform under a lots. Unlike conventional cushion that press yet want to spring back to their original form instantly, memory foam cells press fully and also spread their atmospheric pressure to adjoining cells. This is since this material is an open cell foam, i-e cells have hole in them. That is why it minimizes pressure factors.

It is temperature level sensitive, i-e at higher temperatures it is harder i-e viscous & at reduced temperature levels it is softer as well as bouncier i-e elastic. That is why it is also known as visco-elastic foam. This temperature level delicate quality accounts for a melting sensation that an individual obtains while pushing memory type.

This mattress topper is a thin layer of soft product utilized over common mattress. It isn’t suggested to be encouraging as well as functions ideal when layered over a company encouraging material.

It helps in reducing pains as well as discomforts specifically back pains, arthritis as well as fibromyalgia and aids obtain a better sleep.

We placed so much pressure on our shoulders, hips, lower back and tummy while sleeping. A side sleeper places pressure on shoulder and hips, a stomach sleeper on neck and back sleeper places stress to decrease back and also sacrum. The visco-elastic stress sensitive foam provides the best possibility for decreasing general stress put on joints by contouring them without pushing back versus them. It concavities like the small of the back or side of the body while not shedding the capability to contour and displace stress factors.


Few dangers of memory form toppers are:

1. Some memory foams five off a distinctive odour of chemical which lowers over passage of time, however may create respiratory irritation.

2. Memory foam like various other polyurethane products might be combustible.

3. Suppliers warn regarding leaving infants ignored on memory foams as it is hard for them to turn or revolve on memory foam and might lead to suffocation.

Try to visit their page for more info about the longer lifespan.

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