Herb and melatonin

Good quality sleep is the most important process for the regeneration of body and soul. During the recurrent phases of light and deep sleep within the sleep cycle, the frequency of brain activity also varies. During this time, the experiences and emotions of the day are stored and processed. Growth hormone secreted at night ensures the reconstruction of damaged tissue. This occurs primarily during the first two deep stages of sleep. In this article we talk about central sleep, because this is where the most important integration processes in the brain occur.

Countless physical and mental illnesses are associated with sleep disorders. The most common short-term consequences of too little or irregular sleep are

The immune system is weakened

Physical and mental recovery is reduced
Greater difficulties in concentrating and storing new knowledge
The long-term consequences of sleep deprivation include high blood pressure and an increased risk of stroke, diabetes and heart attack. Depression, weak immune system, loss of libido can also occur and are often directly related to sleep disorders.

These sleep disorders can have many causes. Physical, emotional or mental stress, among other things, leads to central nervous tension and increased production of the stress hormone cortisol. Chronic pain, which is often severe in the evening, makes it difficult to sleep. Increasingly intense surfing in front of different screens until late at night also delays the body’s own production of melatonin and therefore the opportunity to use this time to recover and get some more sleep.

Melatonin: the body’s own sleep medicine

Melatonin, which is the body’s own sleep hormone, functions primarily as a sleep inducer and is therefore also called a nighttime hormone and is produced by the pineal gland of the brain. An increase in the concentration of this hormone in the blood starts the rest period in the body. During the night, the intensity of light decreases, which also increases the production of melatonin. This is often a problem during the summer months in the Nordic countries, as the nights are short and bright. The body has difficulty producing the amount of melatonin that is usually needed to maintain healthy sleep routines.

During shift work or air travel in various time zones, many experience the same problems due to jet lag, i.e. the effect of delayed melatonin production. If the effect of light is artificially prolonged, this also inhibits melatonin production. We feel this effect when we work in front of the computer screen late at night.

If you suffer from lack of sleep, it is most likely due to delayed or too low melatonin production and it may be a good idea to increase melatonin levels by trying to give the body natural melatonin drops. Melatonin creates the ideal conditions for a healthy and relaxing sleep and helps you fall asleep more easily and continue to sleep through the night. If you recognize this or know that you have trouble sleeping, you may want to try melatonin.

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